Donny V

A short, squat, fat, disgusting pig of a man. One of the lower ranked Dons of the Dailee.


Donny V stands 5’ 2" and probably weighs around 300 lbs. His skin is pale and clammy, matched appropriately by thin, greasy black hair. His face bears a tattoo honoring the Dailee, though has been grotesquely mishaped by the jowls of his face. A reed thin beard attempts to salvage what it can of his jawline but fails miserably. He sports a white suit that he considers classy, but only serves to highlight the stains from his many meals he takes as “business meetings”.


Donny V was Wukong‘s uncle, the late enforcer’s mother’s brother. Enraged at the death of his dear sister’s son, he has hired the group to find the Waning Moon clan and bring them his nephew’s killer alive. As he is a kind and gracious don, he has elected not to punish Harpalyce for failing in her duty to protect Wukong.

No one has heard a negative word about Don Donny V. there are many that think them, but none has ever uttered them aloud. Perhaps it is fear, perhaps it is respect, either way, Donny V has earned his position.

Donny V

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