Lt. Gerrard Direshield

Lieutenant in charge of Precinct 36 for the Budeshi Guard.


Gerrard Direshield is a fairly unremarkable man. He stands around 5’ 11" and has dark brown hair and a gruff unshaven face. Pale scars mar his nose and chin, places where his helm couldn’t protect him from the scraps his dinged and scratched armor bore witness to. He carries a simple longsword and a tower shield that he wields as easily as a second blade. He’s often caught with a worried look on his face as he’s either thinking about a current case or his family back home.


Gerrard started off as a private in the town guard trying to eke out a living for his wife and small son. The last of the line of Direshields, he bears the teachings of his forefathers in the art of wielding the tower shield, a dying form within the confines of the city.

During his tenure as a town guard, he has closed countless cases by having befriended Jack, Jett Stoneheart, and Allistair Cuprumsworth III. The three assisted him by going where the law could not within the criminal underworld of Budeshi. Meanwhile he kept his nose clean and quickly rose through the ranks. His superiors however did not appreciate his straight-laced attitude, penchant for putting down criminals hard and not “playing ball”, so they shipped him off to Precinct 36.

Precinct 36 is primarily a Brelani destrict that is understaffed and underfunded. What guardsmen there are, are allegedly on the payroll of one of several crime families that run amok in the fold. Despite this, he has managed surround himself with several loyal and reliable friends to combat the growing tide of crime and refuse that are flooding the city.

Jariath has recently rejoined the precinct with a citation and a demotion. He now acts as Gerrard’s junior partner.

Lt. Gerrard Direshield

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