Jett Stoneheart

The dwarf bard that takes center stage at the Lone Star Saloon


Jett Stoneheart’s wild red hair rivals the ferocity of her voice as she rocks the stage of the small saloon. A well kept secret within the fold, her talents are wasted on the population of miners and cutthroats. She typically wears flowing garments that allow her to move as easily across the stage as between patrons and tables. That said, she prefers a heavy steel breastplate when in battle to afford her the protection that wielding her greataxe in a rage does not. She stands 4’ 11", but doesn’t let that deter her from seeing eye to eye with an unruly guest.


She and Jack hail from the same part of the Kingdom of Karnath, though his life before they met is still a mystery to her. She, on the other hand, is from a small group of nomadic raiders that plagued the Western borders of Karnath and adhered to a way of life that had not changed in several hundred years. Her voice and talent for stories guaranteed her the role of apprentice Keeper, but her wild nature would never have let her settle down. Even the life of a horseback nomad was too calm for the dwarf.

It was shortly after she made her departure that she met Jack travelling alone. She appreciated his talent for listening and he tolerated her tales. From there, her story is much like Jack’s. They arrived in Budeshi and found work as mercenaries, first gaining an ally in Allistair Cuprumworth III and then in Private Gerrard Direshield. When Jack and Allistair retired and opened up the Saloon, it was only natural that she would take center stage.

Jett Stoneheart

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