Old Jonas

A half-orc gunsmith. What else do you need to know?


Old Jonas bears the marks of a hard life in the Fold. He spends most of his time in his shop, and so spends most of his time shirtless, wearing a blacksmith’s apron. His body resembles in strength and color the steel that he spends countless hours shaping into masterwork weapons. What hair he has that remains on his head is pulled back into a short bun that compliments his rough beard. Tattoos adorn his torso tell of his heritage and reveal that he too is a stranger to Budeshi.


Old Jonas is a gunsmith. He spends his days in his home in the fold, diligently working and experimenting. He only deals in person, and never advertises, of the opinion that if someone wants to do business that they should come to the person they want to do business with. His clientele are those with the money to afford his wares, but those with money come from all walks of life. It is rumored that everyone from the highest officials in the great houses to the lowest of the crime families have done business with him and purchased his works.

He speaks slowly and carefully, thinking about his words before saying them. He doesn’t waste his time with petty talk or petty people.

Old Jonas

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