Allistair Cuprumworth III

The elf arcanist that maintains the boilers and distillers of the Lone Star Saloon.


Standing tall for an Elf at around 6’ 4", Allistair is a thin figure never seen without some trinket or gadget in his hands. Soot, grease, and other chemicals discolor his features and his skin has been bronzed by the flames of a forge. His clothing is completely practical, devoid of any of the trappings that Elves are often famous for, instead he prefers a simpler cut and pattern of cloth. That said, upon closer inspection, his clothes are made of fine silks despite their bland appearance, carefully designed to withstand flame and tearing.


Allistair Cuprumworth III used to be someone important. Or so he claims. Honestly, his story of what he did before meeting up with Jack and Jett Stoneheart tends to change bit by bit, but one thing that his stories tend to agree upon is that he once worked for the House of Kongche. Sometimes he was a researcher, other times he was a master artisan, and some others have him claiming he was the Mortal Lord himself. In the end though, when the two nomads found him, he was homeless and penniless. At first they were going to ignore him, but he recognized the look of ignorance upon their faces and he knew it was up to him to educate them in the ways of Budeshi.

Since then, he’s been their guide in the city, as well as their enchanter, mechanic, plumber, blacksmith, and all around jack-of-all-trades. It was actually his idea to open up the Lone Star Saloon after hearing Jett’s explanation of Jack’s complaints about the quality of the local spirits. One thing led to another and now here they are. Allistair maintains the equipment, plays a mean piano (or rather the piano plays itself) and generally keeps Jack and Jett company while also helping them keep an ear to the ground among the darker parts of the Fold.

Allistair Cuprumworth III

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