The stoic owner and proprietor of the Lone Star Saloon.


Jack stands around 6’ tall and has a lithe frame wrapped in corded muscle. Behind the bar, he wears an impeccably clean white shirt with a black bow tie and black slacks. His long black hair is pulled back into a tight pony tail, and he sports a simple eye patch that does little to conceal three long dark scars across his left eye. On a mission, he wears a mithral breastplate and carries twin Elven curved blades slung across his back that he wields with deadly precision.


Little is known about Jack other than that he and Jett Stoneheart are from the same area in the Kingdom of Karnath. The two of them traveled together until settling down in Budeshi after a chance encounter with Allistair Cuprumworth III. The three worked with then Private Gerrard Direshield collecting bounties and providing “anonymous” tips. When Jack had enough saved up, he and Allistair put together the plan to open up a saloon and brew their own beverages and spirits.

Jack has a knack for brewing and distilling, a talent he developed alongside his skill with the Elven curved blade. Why or how he came to possess not one, but two of the rare weapons or the ability to wield them with finesse is unknown even to Jett. For now he finds a simple enough life as owner of the Lone Star Saloon agreeable.

It is believed that Jack’s vocabulary consists solely of “yes”, “no” and variations of the two.


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