Lone Star Saloon


The Lone Star Saloon is a wooden structure on the third level in the Fold. (The fold being one of the many terms given to the darkest points in Budeshi where the city folds on itself and moves from level with the horizon to climbing almost vertically up the the mountainside.) Wooden pillars and frames support the exterior of the building, upon one of which is a simple wooden sign with a single star painted in black. The windows look as though they once had glass, but now only have iron bars allowing the bawdy music and drunken noise to pour out into the night. A pair of small wooden saloon doors mark the entrance way flanked by several women and men of the night looking for a john or jane to spice up the evening.

Inside, a bar runs along one wall, a solitary bartender works at keeping rounds going. He’s average height, long dark hair, and sports an eye patch, behind which runs a jagged row of scars. He doesn’t look like he’s shaved in a few days, but despite his gruff appearance the white shirt he’s wearing is impeccable and the black bow tie is perfectly straight. On the back wall, where normally one might find a selection of liquors, wines and spirits, instead there’s only a few taps for beers, and a fine selection of turpentine, moonshine, and whiskey. The rest of the saloon matches the barkeep’s face as it looks like it’s seen better days. A small stage, little more than a reinforced riser sits at the other end of the bar and next to it is a small upright piano, at which sits an elf playing whatever song pops into his head.

There’s a pool table for playing a relatively new game called 9 ball, but it’s cheaply made and even the best players can’t get a straight shot out of the cue ball. The rest of the bar is packed with tables and chairs, at which there are several card games going on, and the place, despite its run down appearance is more or less packed with every sort of unsavory character imaginable. Finally a spiral staircase leads up to the second floor in the corner by the stage, where, presumably, the workers out front take their clients.

No house colors fly over the saloon.

NPCs of Note

Jett Stoneheart
Allistair Cuprumworth III

Lone Star Saloon

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